Several web designers are sharing three of the hottest web design trends that will explode in popularity this year.

Web design trends are always changing. That’s why for new projects and website redesigns this year, you should be up-to-date on the latest trends. If you haven’t done your research yet, don’t worry! Professional web designers are sharing the top three design elements that are trending upwards in 2021. 

These trending styles are projected to increase in popularity this year and beyond,” says a representative of the 99design team. “Using them will ensure a modern and fresh creation.”

The best part about these trends is that they can be mixed with each other to create a more unique and special design that fits in with today’s aesthetic standards.

Many of the rising trends are extensions of things that we predicted and saw in 2020,” says Jeff Cardello of Webflow. So without further ado, here are the top web design Adelaide and UI trends that will dominate 2021, according to the experts:

Dark Mode

Dark mode started to rise in popularity in late 2019. Fast forward today and we can now see it everywhere. We now have dark mode on social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Smartphone UIs even have this feature. Browsers like Chrome can also toggle between light and dark modes. 

Thanks to this innovation, users are able to consider how their design will look with a dark colour scheme despite it not being the default layout. Due to its growing popularity, more web designers are reverting towards darker colour palettes for their website and UI designs. With its trend going upwards, we can expect to see more dark mode concepts this year and beyond. 

Experimental Typefaces

With the improvement of online font delivery, the opportunity for experimental typefaces to increase in popularity has grown exponentially in the past months. At the beginning of the year, experimental typefaces have grown in popularity in both websites and mobile applications. 

Experimental typefaces range in different custom projects, from amazing elaborate pieces, to subtle surprises as part of a bigger, more standardized typeface design. It may feature a single color style, multiple color style, animated, full, or abbreviated character sets. 

Designs Without as Many Faces

This recent trend may be the result of the COVID-19 pandemic. This trend might be a direct result of the worldwide coronavirus pandemic – this design features fewer faces of people. The reason for this trend is quite simple: with people not gathering in groups and with people wearing masks at all times, designers opt for existing images in their inventories. By doing so, they can create appropriate imagery. 

Some try to establish imagery without people completely. If you can scan different websites right now, you’d see fewer people and faces being displayed. This web design Adelaide is predicted to last for the duration of the pandemic.

These are only the top three web design trends that have increased in popularity in the past three months,” according to Designmodo’s Carrie Cousins. “There are tons of other styles that will make a splash at any point this year.”