Removal packing services SA can assist in getting your belongings where they need to go – be it within Adelaide, across tow,n or across country. Their crew will load items onto trucks, transport them directly to their new destination and unload them upon arrival at your new place of residence. Furthermore, they’ll clean your old space while prepping it for you when moving day arrives!

Some removalists provide more specialized services, like moving antiques or pianos. These extra-special moves in or around Adelaide often require special packing materials and have higher price tags; additionally, these companies will often ask for an inventory list in advance so they can estimate how long the job will take.

Choose AFRA-accredited movers in Adelaide for added protection if something goes wrong during your move, such as damage or loss of your belongings. In addition, consider companies offering full value protection policies which cover goods according to their retail value rather than just their weight.

Doing it yourself can often be more expensive than hiring a removalist company, as truck rental, equipment rental, packing materials and time off work add up quickly compared to hiring professional movers. Plus, doing it on your own puts you at risk of injuries due to heavy lifting; without proper knowledge about packing safety procedures or tools you may struggle dismantle large entertainment equipment or move it through tight spaces like doorways and staircases safely.

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