New drivers hoping to get access to practise driving and learners test can now leave their homes, provided they are armed with one of the valid reasons laid out by Premier Daniel Andrews’ government.

With restrictions still in place in all parts of the state, Andrews clarified that Melbourne’s learner drivers may still accrue the 120-hour supervised driving requirement to pass the learners test VIC. Accordingly, anyone who wishes to avail of this privilege must have at least one of the four legal reasons laid out by the state government. For instance, a learner must be on his way to work or the grocery store. In other words, no one is allowed to go out there for the sole purpose of driving practice.

The Premier added that all learner drivers must stay within the five-kilometre radius, insisting that conventional driving lessons are still not allowed even with some places beginning to ease restrictions.

The backlog of thousands of learner drivers in Victoria is to everyone’s knowledge, and it’s a given that not everyone will get their highly-anticipated license in time due to the government restrictions in response to COVID-19. Consequently, there is no shortage of calls and suggestions to modify the P-plate driving test to adjust to the changing social landscape.

Andrews warned all residents in Melbourne that a $5000 fine is waiting for those who attempt to travel into regional Victoria without an acceptable reason. Everyone must stay home for as long as possible since restrictions are still in place. Travel must only be done if there’s an urgent need for it. The Premier commended the regional communities for sticking to the policy of limiting people movement in their borders.

Victoria Police maintained visibility at several checkpoints, and this is in line with stricter enforcement of fines. There is a $5000 on-the-spot fine in regional Victoria for anyone caught in the area without a lawful reason. Over a hundred individuals were fined in less than a week of enforcement.

Furthermore, police vowed to stop all unlawful gatherings and illegal parties across the state. There have been several cases of people trying to disobey the rules and restrictions, which the government is considering as the main reason why there are new cases of COVID-19 in the area.

Aside from the practice driving and learners test VIC restrictions, the Premier also emphasized the limitations for social events, including weddings, pool parties, to name a few. For instance, all indoor and outdoor pools situated in residential properties are to remain close. Only outdoor pools in non-residential areas are allowed to be open.

Victorians have the go-signal to travel across the metro border for critical reasons like childcare, but Melburnians must follow second-step restrictions. Emergency repairs for homes and commercial establishments are allowed, but significant renovation projects and interior design are prohibited. Gardening and landscaping are allowed, provided they remain contactless.