You need the best materials to buy to produce the highest-quality hay. Here are things you need to know before purchasing the ideal silage wrap.

If you’re looking to buy silage wrap for your hay, then this article is perfect for you! We will answer the questions that need answers to make a well-informed purchase. It’s important that before purchasing any silage wrap, you know what it will be used for and its purpose. Once you have answered these questions, biodegradable or not, you can make a choice.


The Ideal Type and Material

When shopping for silage wraps, there are some things you need to look out for. First off, the best way to see if a NetWrap silage wrap is of good quality or not is by touching it and seeing what type of materials it’s made from. Then, once you get an idea of how biodegradable silage wraps work, make your purchase based on that information.


Where Are You Storing Your Hay?

Let’s say you’re going to be using this particular one for hay bales stored in a barn where there isn’t any sun exposure at all, meaning no UV rays can reflect through the roof and damage the wrapped up hay bale sitting inside of them. In this case, having a black coloured silage wrap would serve better since they absorb more sunlight than lighter colours, which means less chance for decomposition.


However, if you’re storing hay bales outside in the sun, that means they will have an increased risk of decomposition because sunlight can easily reflect off them and damage them faster than what is normal. In this case, a lighter colour silage wrap would work better since these biodegradable wraps are designed not to attract as much heat from the sun, which decreases their chance of decomposing.


Go for an Environment-friendly Option

The reason why you should always choose biodegradable silage wrap is that it’s better for the environment. This is because animals can eat it and not get sick, but also because it doesn’t contain any harmful chemicals, which is what normal silage wrap does.


Another reason is strength. Biodegradable silage wraps are ten times as strong as regular synthetic silage wraps. It’s made from recycled and bacteria-resistant materials, which is why the strength it holds doesn’t decrease over time as regular silage wrap does.


Strength and Durability

This type of wrapping material has a much longer shelf life because there’s no need to ever replace them, unlike regular ones that must be replaced every year or two depending on how often you use them. With biodegradable wraps, they can last up to five years without needing replacement!


The reason for this long period of time is due to its design: biodegradable silage wraps don’t decay easily since they’re designed so that decomposition isn’t easy at all and takes quite a while, if not impossible in some cases. However, the best thing about these types of wraps is that when they do finally break down, they only take a little over three months to decompose.


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