Find out why weighted blankets are a popular product for many consumers by looking at the top five benefits that make it a great item to purchase.


While it has been an existing product dating back to 1998, weighted blankets gained mainstream popularity only a couple of years ago. Thanks to Kickstarter’s revolutionary Gravity blanket, the weighted blanket product exploded onto the scene for its calming effects — at least that’s what most consumers are swearing by. However, many don’t realize that occupational therapists have been using weighted blankets for a long time.


“It’s great for kids and sometimes adults with sensory processing disorders,” says Amina Lake of “Weighted blankets provide deep touch pressure, which is something occupational therapists refer to as a type of ‘tactile sensation.’ It’s something you feel on your skin when you use it.”


While it has been used for medical purposes, its rising popularity also indicates that it is also appealing to the general public. Many experts believe that it is due to the following benefits:


It Produces a ‘Calming Effect’

Teresa May-Benson, the executive director of the Spiral Foundation, claims that deep touch pressure is among the primary types of sensory information that produces a calming effect on the sensory nervous system. “The pressure offered by weighted blankets is a universally calming sensation,” she said.


It Feels Like You’re Getting a Hug

One of the most popular features that a weighted blanket offers is making the user feel like they’re getting a warm and tight hug. “It feels like getting the most comforting and uplifting hug without feeling hot or constrained,” one reviewer wrote about the Gravity Blanket posting on Amazon Australia.


Experts took a closer look at why this is the case for weighted blankets. They point towards filling the blanket, which comprises beads, small glass, plastic, or sand. “All of these fillings provide a cozy feel that resembles a warm and firm hug,” says Christina Heiser of “It can make one feel like they’re in a firm hug without anyone actually touching them.”


Helps Treat Stress and Anxiety

Whether you’ve had a stressful day or you suffer from anxiety, cuddling up on your favourite couch or bed with a weighted blanket can help you de-stress and relax. Even if you’re not suffering from an anxiety disorder, experts say you’ll still notice the ‘feel-good’ effects that a weighted blanket offers.


Helps Improve Quality of Sleep

Finally, a weighted blanket also proves beneficial for people who have trouble falling and staying asleep at night. Whether it’s insomnia or other types of sleeping disorders, using a weighted blanket will help the user improve their sleep quality. Some online reviews about weighted blankets even claim that it’s so comfortable that they fall asleep when they aren’t even tired. Now that’s comfort and relaxation to the next level.


So if you ever wondered if it’s worth investing in a weighted blanket, most experts believe that the answer is a resounding “Yes.” Weighted blankets are as good as advertised and will provide you with many benefits, making them an excellent item to purchase.